EYHOV workstations

EYHOV Workstations. The ultimate collaboration plattform. 

EYHOV Workstations. The ultimate collaboration plattform. 

Expandable Desk System

The flexible and expandable EYHOV Desk System allows you to build and reconfigure your office space to meet the needs of your growing and changing business environment.

You can create anything from a functional home office to an entire office. Or build-as-you-go with each component fitting seamlessly with the next, allowing for endless ideas and flexibility.

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Infinite Possibilities

The EYHOV Desk System is made up of two basic building blocks: The EYHOV Single and the EYHOV Double. By joining these with a few other elements and accessories, you can create an endless range of workstation solutions to meet the needs of any environment.

EYHOV Single

EYHOV Single Workstation

EYHOV Single is a one-sided workstation with the Accessory Rail running along one side. It features a full 72" x 27" standard size desktop.

Ideal as a stand alone desk, or for perimeter desking setups where it is configured in multiple linear runs. Connect to angles to create L or U shaped team spaces.



EYHOV Double

EYHOV Double Workstation. 

EYHOV Double is two-sided workstation with a common Accessory Rail through the middle. It features two 72" x 28" desktops.

Well suited for teamwork and space optimization, it can be expanded in linear runs and configured with returns and privacy panels. Ideal for offices, schools, or libraries.



Inspiration for Every Office

At Scale 1:1 we aim to inspire creativity through ergonomic design and playful functionality. EYHOV workstations stimulate the flow of ideas in an open yet personalized work environment.

Desk solutions include open collaborative team workstations, private office desks, shelving storage units, room dividers, and more.

EYHOV Desk System can grow as you grow. Every component can be fitted and re-fitted to form new configurations and arrangements that adapt to your needs. Components are made to allow for easy re-configuration without special tools. Break-down and rebuild an entire office quickly and easily. 

EYHOV accessories add endless utility and customization to expand and configure the EYHOV Desk System to match your needs.

Power and Data: Mounted desktop power units for quick, arm's length plug-and-play charging without crawling under the desk. Four circuit power system powers up to 10 workstations per daisy-chain.

EYHOV Accessory Rail


Accessory Rail: The unique Accessory Rail built into the EYHOV Desk System makes it easy to add features such as LED task lighting from Pablo designs, letter and file boxes, privacy panels, integrated power, and discreet cable access panels.

Privacy Screens: Colorful privacy panels and side partitions define the workspace and block sight-lines. Perfect for collaborative environments, EYHOV screens are easily removable effectively creating collaborative space between desks. Features include four color options, built-in bag hook, and drop-on shelving modules.

Storage: Add functionality to the workspace with lockable personal storage drawers mounted under the desk, or shelving modules that drop onto side partitions - perfect for keeping reference materials nearby.

More EYHOV Accessories...

Construction and Finishes

EYHOV is Built to Last

The welded steel frame components feature precision fit and can be easily assembled and disassembled for reconfiguration or relocation. No special tools required.

Frame and Legs

Steel frame powder coated in a high durability white finish. Integrated height levellers.

Cable Management


Built-in cable management for power and data. Powder coated access panels.

Complete line of power and data modules to power up and stay connected. 

EYHOV Frame and Cable Management

Built to last a lifetime.  Powder Coated Steel Frame and Legs. 

Table Surfaces

EYHOV hard-wearing laminated table tops resist staining and scuffing for years of low-maintenance service. Tops are made from 1" melamine and feature a durable 2mm edge banding. In white, maple, or Brasil Wood finish.

Standard finishes:  Custom surfaces available on request.

Standard finishes: 

Custom surfaces available on request.

Accent Colors

Privacy screens and task lamps can be ordered in a range of vibrant colors that bring a spark of life to any environment. Standard colors include: Tangerine, Arctic Blue, Scale Green, and Red.

Custom colors available on request.

Custom colors available on request.


David Winston


EYHOV Desk System was created by David Winston to solve the timeless challenge of delivering a high quality, ergonomic, modular, and scalable workstation solution. The elegant simplicity, and innovative construction of EYHOV are hallmarks of David's design sensibility.



Case Studies

The Creative Office

Easy to setup, with features that make busy, shared office spaces more productive. With the EYHOV Desk System your team will find inspiration and collaboration.

EYHOV is ideal for design studios, architecture firms, or other creative fields. And when the team grows, you can quickly expand by adding more EYHOV Desk System components. 



Business appreciates the ability to build effective team and workgroup environments. You can easily adapt EYHOV to suit your structure and office floor plan. And when teams change - so does EYHOV; quickly and easily, without any special tools


Corporate Configurations

EYHOV is a high quality, ergonomic, modular, and scalable workstation solution. It offers excellent value for large-scale deployments. Hard-wearing surfaces provide years of service, and easy re-configuration saves time and money. The EYHOV Desk System suits corporations of all sizes.